Easy Mini Sliders Cheeseburgers



2 pounds extra-lean ground beef (93/7)

2 dozen soft baker dinner rolls

1 stick softened butter

1 pkg. Premium American Cheese Slices (We use Kraft Deli-Deluxe)

1 large onion

Salt and Pepper to taste



Divide the hamburger equally into two-ounce portions and make the patties. So, if you are starting with 2 pounds of ground beef, you should come up with around 16 patties. Make each portion about the size of a meatball and shape them into patties.

Peel and slice an onion extra-thin. We have a mandolin slicer that works perfectly and is set at about 1/16" wide. If you are using a knife to cut the onion, slice them as thin as you can. Leave the rings whole. You want the onion to be sliced paper thin so they are rather floppy. I would recommend using the mandolin slicer. A food processor with a thin blade attachment could possibly work too.

Next comes the dinner rolls. You can use a variety of dinner rolls such as a Vienna roll or a Silver Dollar roll. We even found pretzel rolls. Just make sure when you purchase them that they are the smallest and softest ones you can find in the grocery store bakery. Use fresh rolls for this and avoid the standard stuff in the bread isle.

Slice each one in half and butter each half with the softened butter.

Heat your pancake griddle to 350 degrees and place each half of the roll buttered side down on the griddle. Toast them just until golden. You will probably have to do them in two batches. Fit as many as you can on your griddle at once. Remove from the griddle and stack them on a separate plate for later.

Begin placing your hamburger patties on the griddle and top each with some onion. Once the hamburger juice comes through to the top of the burger, flip them (including the onions) with a plastic spatula. This is the tricky part if there is one. There is a bit of a knack to flipping the burgers and onions all at the same time. But I know you will get the hang of it. After all you have 2 dozen patties to practice on. 🙂

After the burgers are all flipped and mostly cooked, take an American Cheese slice and break it into 4 pieces. Place 2 pieces on each hamburger patty. Allow the cheese to melt slightly. Grab your pre-toasted buns and begin removing the hamburgers and placing each one on the buns on a separate plate. Start stacking and piling them high. Repeat the process with any other hamburger patties remaining.Then it is time to eat!

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