Chicken Salad Pickle Boats



(1) 32-ounce jar Whole Kosher Dill Pickles (not spears)

⅓ cup Hellmann's real mayonnaise

(1)12.5 ounce can chunk white chicken, drained well

salt and pepper to taste

(1) 5.75 ounce jar sliced green olives with pimento, drained well



Drain the jar of whole pickles well.

Carefully slice pickles in half lengthwise.

Using a melon baller or teaspoon, scrape out an indentation in each pickle half, so you have room to add the chicken salad.

Place on a serving plate.

In a medium bowl, add the well-drained chunk white chicken and fluff with a fork until the pieces are evenly separated.

Add the mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste and mix well.

Using a small teaspoon, spoon equal amounts of chicken salad into each one of the pickle boats.

Drain the sliced green olives with pimento and place 3 slices of olive onto each one of the pickle boats.

Serve immediately or refrigerate and serve the next day.

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