Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook Time: 5 mins | Total Time: 15 mins | Yield: 1 Serving

I am a huge fan of TikTok videos, especially the ones where there’s food in them! I discovered this recipe last week and I fell in love with it instantly! I love tortilla dishes well, who doesn’t? Anyway, this recipe has a very simple set of ingredients. All you need are these things to make the best tortilla wrap ever! This is Mexican-inspired which makes it even better! The combination of rice, carnitas, guacamole, cheese, and a lot more will surely satisfy all your cravings today! Just follow these easy steps for they will guide you to perfection!

I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t give this recipe a try! It is very easy to make! In just 15 minutes you can enjoy this tortilla wrap! By the way, my only advice to you is to be very generous with the amount of cheese that you are going to add. Just do it and thank me later! Okay, enough with the long introduction. It is time to go to your kitchen and start prepping. Enjoy!



Shredded Mexican cheese or use our favorite type

Carnitas or any cooked meat of your choice

Mexican rice

Refried beans

1 Tortilla



Oil, Olive or vegetable oil is fine


Make a slit in the center of the tortilla.

Add beans, rice, carnitas, guacamole, salsa, and cheese inside the tortilla.

Fold the sides of the tortilla towards the middle to wrap it.

Brush all sides of the tortilla with oil.

Toast the tortilla with a panini press. Cook each side for a few minutes or until the cheese has melted completely.

Serve and enjoy!


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