Radish potato salad


1 serving 

Each serving provides 
3 greens 
1/3 lean 
1 snack
2 condiments 
1 healthy fat 

5 oz. raw radishes -2 greens
1/2 cup chopped celery-1 green
1 Tablespoon chopped shallots -1 condiment 
1 hard boiled egg chopped -1/3 lean 
2 Tablespoons dill relish- 1 snack 
2 Tablespoons Opa feta dill dressing- 2 condiments 
1 1/2 Tablespoons lite mayonnaise - 1 healthy fat

Cut your radishes the same size as you would for regular potato salad. Rinse them and steam them in a double boiler if you have one; till almost done. You want firm radishes not mushy ones. Boil your egg till it’s done. When both the egg and radishes are done chill till cold. While that is cooling in the refrigerator mix up your dressing. Mix in a bowl your mayo, relish and dill dressing. Put that in the refrigerator to stay cold. After your radishes and egg is chilled; chop up your celery and shallots and mix together. Mix in your dressing and refrigerate till chilled and flavors all blend together.