Cookies and cream shake


1 serving 

Each serving provides 
1 fueling 
1/2 condiment 

1 finely chopped up chocolate drizzle bar - fueling 
1 vanilla shake - fueling 
2 Tablespoons sugar free cheesecake pudding dry 
      mix- 2 condiments 

(Add 1/2 cup of unsweetened plain almond milk in place of the water to make it creamier but add 1/2 condiment.) 

Ok I know you are looking at the ingredients thinking that 2 servings. No!! Keep reading. 
So what I did is chopped 1 chocolate drizzle bar in small pieces and put in my blender or ninja. Add to that 1 vanilla shake packet and the 2 Tablespoons sugar free cheesecake pudding mix. Blend till it’s all incorporated and the cookie is completely ground up. It should look like a cookies and cream shake mix. Divide that mix into 2. I measured 1/2 cup per serving. I put one serving in a zip lock  bag for another time. To the other one I added ice and water and blended good till shake like. Omg yes!!