Meatballs and vegetable Kabobs


1 serving 

Each serving provides 
3 greens 
1 lean 
3 condiments 

5 Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs  (thawed ) - 1 lean
2.54 oz. whole mushrooms - 2 greens
2.63 oz. orange or yellow bell peppers - 1 green
3 Tablespoons G Hughes orange ginger marinade - 3 condiments 

Soak your bamboo skewers overnight or at least 4 hours in water. Arrange all your peppers , mushrooms and 5 meatballs on your skewers. You can use other vegetables just make sure to use the vegetable conversion chart to calculate. Brush a little marinade over all and reserve the rest when on the BBQ. The meatballs are already cooked when you buy them so cooking time is up to you. Place on the BBQ at medium heat and baste repeatedly on both sides while its cooking.