Spaghetti squash with eggplant marinara


4 servings

each serving provides
3 greens
1/2 fat serving
1 condiment

2 cups spaghetti squash ( use znoodle's instead if you prefer)

marinara sauce recipe below

3/4 cup eggplant
2 tsp. olive oil
2 garlic cloves minced
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. black pepper
1 cup Rao's
1/2 cup plain Greek non fat yogurt
1 Tablespoons capers
1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes ( rinse oil off them if in oil and chop up)
1/2 tablespoon fresh parmesan cheese

Peel the eggplant and chop the eggplant into bite size pieces. Add your minced garlic, olive oil and eggplant to the sauté pan and simmer over medium heat till eggplant is tender. Add the Rao's to the eggplant sauce pan and simmer. Mix the yogurt in. ( it may look weird like it’s curdling  but it will be good; no worries) Add the capers, sun-dried tomatoes, salt and pepper to the marinara sauce and simmer.  Divide the sauce into 4 portions. Place 1/2 cup spaghetti squash on your dish and put your sauce over top. Sprinkle with 1/2 tablespoon fresh parmesan cheese.

Add some kind of protein to make a complete lean and green meal. 
Below you can see I added a 6 oz. chicken breast to make a complete lean and green meal.