Mediterranean flank steak pinwheels


2 servings 

Each serving provides 
1 lean
2 1/2 condiments 
2 3/4  greens 

12 oz. raw flank steak 
1 cup fresh spinach 
1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes ( rinse oil off ) 
4 tablespoons low fat feta cheese ( if you can’t find then use 2 tablespoons regular feta)
2 teaspoon balsamic vinegar 

Salad per serving ( double this recipe for 2 servings) 
1 cup fresh spinach 
1/4 cup red pepper thinly sliced 
1 teaspoon Newman’s Own sesame ginger dressing 

Lay your flank steak flat. Put your spinach on top; then the rinsed sun dried tomatoes and the feta. Carefully roll and secure with 4 toothpicks. Cut into 4 even portions. Each serving will get 2 pinwheels. Heat your sauté pan on high and put your pinwheels in to sear on both sides. I like my steak medium rare. So it all depends on how long you sear it depending on how done you want it. When it’s done remove from the heat and let it sit so the juices stay in. While you are letting that rest make your salad. Assemble all on your plate and drizzle your 1 teaspoon per plate over your pinwheels.