Chicken fried steak


1 serving 

Each serving provides 
1 leaner
3 condiments 
3 greens 
1 snack 

8 oz. raw chicken breast 
1/4 cup light bertillo Alfredo sauce 
1 teaspoon low sodium chicken gravy mix
1 package ranch puffs 
4.65 oz. raw broccoli 

Take your chicken and pound with a meat tenderizer. In a ziplock bag  put your ranch puffs and crush with a rolling pin. Put your chicken in the puffs bag and cover all sides of chicken. Heat a frying pan with nonstick spray and cook your chicken on both sides till golden brown; finish cooking in the oven if needed to make sure all pink is gone. While that is cooking heat up your Alfredo sauce and add your gravy mix. Steam your broccoli. After your chicken is cooked  place on your plate and pour your sauce over top.

NOTE: typically this is made with lean steak tenderized but I only had chicken on hand. Remember if you do use the lean beef then it would be 7oz. raw.